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This project's goal is to simplify the process of installing or uninstalling Linux or Unix source code. All you need to do is to download the gzipped program that you wish to install and then run Guinstaller and open the file. To do this, simply run "guinstaller" After some configuration (Where to put the files, etc.) the program is compiled and installed.
System Requirements are: Galeon, and for those who are getting the source, GTK+, GNOME, or optionally, PAM.

Tuesday, May 27 2003- Get the default options file here.
Sunday, May 25 2003- Published a revised version with uninstaller.
Monday, January 20 2003- Published revised version. It includes primitive RPM support and supports multiple compressin formats (.gz,.bzip2,compress)
Wednesday, January 15 2003- Published a revised version of Guinstaller